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Reply kansasfreedomride
10:44 AM on February 2, 2013 

Hey Robert. we are in the process of organizing the Kansas Freedom Ride on May 18 in Garden City, KS. Stay posted here or on Facebook. I sent you a FB friend request this morning. Thanks for joining us.

Reply Gypsy
7:00 PM on February 1, 2013 

Hello Robert ~Thanks for follwing this Nationa Event :D..I have sent the KS State Ride Coordinator a message in regards to your post and question. All Ride details will be posted soon..Thanks for your Intrest and Support

Founder & National Coordinator Cathy Hopper "Gypsy"

Reply moonshiner60
5:47 PM on February 1, 2013 

I've been following the Page on Freedom Ride Founder and would like to know if Kansas has it's info. available on this years Founders Day May 18 2013.Specifically Time and Place.   Thank You-Robert W.Hiner(moonshiner60)[email protected]

Reply Gypsy
8:39 PM on May 3, 2012 

I just wanted to say THANKS again for remaining on this Team as State Ride Coordinator ,and Thanks to all those that Support this National Event~My thanks and gratitude always remains with an abundance of appreciation for your Dedication ,Loyalty , along with the Will and Determination that makes this National event a true Possibility . Many have learned through these pass few years and through this journey the challenge seems endless when it comes to gathering the Support we feel our Brave Men & Women that Serve our Nation and Country so deserve to see and know. We Stand United and We Stand Free Knowing Freedom Is Not Free.

Thank you again..as WE STAND UNITED even at a distance for this 3rd National Armed Forces FreedomRide set for May 19 2012

Founder & National Coordinator

Cathy Hopper (Gypsy)

Reply Gypsy
9:45 PM on May 6, 2011 

On this given day of May 21 2011 A Nation involving 31 of our US States have come together ,even with a distance between ,to Stand United as we Honor and show our Support to our Armed Forces, Veterans of War, POW,MIA,and our Troops . To those of the past present ,and future, and to those t still serving our Country, battling in an ongoing War, defending our Country’s security ,and securing our right to Freedom. Lives are given, Lives are taken. The Brave are those of Our Brothers,Sisters,Mothers,Fathers,Sons,Daughters,Childern,and the many generations before now and through the continued unforgotten years are of those we stand to Honor ,and to show them we are still the Proud Nation that Stands United ,and will remain Supporting them every day. By attending these Rides, your not only Standing United with a great visual Showing of Support with us,but your also helping Fund many needed areas for our Veterans and our Troops. Our Veterans and Troops have gone the distance for Country and our people,and it's vital that our Support remain to be seen and heard,until all come home.

Reply Gypsy
8:50 PM on April 5, 2011 


2011 has been a very busy year~ and 7 more States have been added through the year, and the 2nd National Armed Forces FreedomRide now has 29 States involved in this National Event set for Armed Forces Day May 21 2011. My Mission began with a personal vision of a Nation that would United together to Honor and in a Showing of Support for our Armed Forces, Veterans, MIA, POW, Troops and Family’s. This great visual that now spans from Maine to Oregon~ What began with one step has lead to many more that walked with the same Mission in their hearts and mind, and now has become a Team~ A Team that is made up of State Ride Coordinators, Volunteers, Veterans Groups, Organizations, MC’s, and RC’s, that have devoted countless time with determination and dedication, that now helps provide the opportunity for the people of their Region and their State to join this day of Honoring. I can hardly speak the expressions of words that are needed at times, when it comes to saying thanks to all that has made it possible for this vision to become a reality in our Nation as We Stand United on this day. Our Nation depends on our Military to secure our Freedom~ And our Military needs our Nations continuous of Support ~Our Troops need to know there is a Nation standing in Support of all, and awaiting with hope and prayers that all will come home soon~ Those Soldiers and are turning home need the helping hands of our Nation, and their Family’s are in need of housing, medical care, rehabilitation, and much more. By attending the Ride in your State~ You are not only helping in Honoring and Supporting ,but also helping Fund these needs~

Armed Forces Day is a day that Honor’s every segment and branch of our Military~ of the Past, Present and all those that still stand Serving our Country~ To every Brave Man and Woman that has ever Served our Nation and our Country~ WE STAND UNITED to HONOR and THANK YOU ~WE STAND AS A NATION KNOWING OUR FREEDOM IS NOT FREE~AND OUR SOLDIERS THAT FIGHT THESE BATTLES OF WAR ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN~IT’S NOT ABOUT SUPPORTING THESE BATTLES OF WAR~IT’S ABOUT SUPPORTING



Founder & National Coordinator ~Cathy Hopper (Gypsy) 2011



Reply kansasfreedomride
6:08 PM on March 25, 2011 

ALR 140 (Lindsborg) invites everyone headed to

Marquette for the “Thunder on the Smoky” motorcycle rally to join us for the

Flagged Procession into town. Those wanting to ride over from Lindsborg as a

group can meet in the parking lot at Scott’s Grocery on Harrison St. at 9am.

Kick stands up at 9:30am for the ride over to Marquette. We’ll stop just

outside Marquette to be joined by locals and Flag Up for the procession into

town at 10am. Any and all riders are welcome to join us.

This was posted by Rick Saunders, ALR 140 on the ALR State Calendar


Reply kansasfreedomride
6:56 PM on March 21, 2011 

HELLO, Domino here, State Coordinator for the 2nd KS Freedom Ride and Rally Ride for Sgt. Newell.

Thank you for visiting the Kansas Freedom Ride Page. Please leave any comments or suggestions you may have. As part of the Kansas Freedom Ride you are not only honoring an American Veteran and Wounded Warrior, you are supporting the American Legion RIders of Kansas.  You are also supporting vendors who cater to and furnish goods and services to biker events in Kansas.

Remember the fallen, Honor those who serve, Teach our children the value of Freedom.

Jacque "Domino" Sherrill [email protected]